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The Tale of One ebook Publisher

It started in August 2011. I knew I wanted to publish ebooks, but did not have a clue how to do it. My notes say I started Googling ‘ebooks’ on August 4, 2011. Then the same day I went to the local Barnes & Noble store to ask for a book on how to do ebooks. They said they did not have one. Now it is almost three years later and 25,000 downloads has just been reached.

This blog will share the story of what I have done. All of this comes as a surprise, even though I have been writing and publishing most of my adult life. My facebook publisher page probably describes best what has happened, this from the ‘about’ section.

I write and publish ebooks. I never meant to become an ebook publisher, I just wanted to leave stories which might remain. Now over 25,000 downloads.

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