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Dear Mom & Dad,

Both my parents died in the summer of 1977. I’m taking up our correspondence again 39 years later.


A lot has changed since I last wrote in 1977. I was looking through old photographs yesterday to send to your great granddaughter. She completed an analog photography class at college and I told her I use to do my own developing. It was a nice trip down memory lane, and even our own back lane which led to the mailbox. We did send lots of letters back and forth after I left Rt. 66, but not seeing the value in same until too late, I kept very few. I did get better at saving letters with the long time correspondences with both brother Ray and Uncle Don. We often learn a little too late.

There is a lot I would like to tell you of how things are different than when we last wrote, but more important I would like to see if I could channel some of your wisdom about life.

The world seems a bit overwhelming with prospects for the future. I do try to keep up. I do not know if you thought I would do that, but I try. In many respects the life you led, which was one of simplicity, is needed more than ever. Consumption at many levels, though, seems to be the rule of today.

I am still in contact with many people you know, but there are also many new friends and family. The former would enjoy thinking about you again, the latter will have an opportunity to know your life a bit better.

My intention is to write periodically, tell you how things are, and then see if I can concentrate and extract a bit of how you might respond…even if you did not tell others what to do. You led by example.

Until later…love,