Old Jack’s World


The two fold purpose behind ”Old Jack’s World” is to publish stories that describe my impression of the down slope of the life span and develop ability using the web page brand of internet communication. Research on aging supports the idea that an effective method of maintaining one’s sanity in old age is to exercise the brain in order to keep it active. Crossword puzzles and other word games just don’t work for me, probably because I have so effectively conditioned myself to wanting to see the product of my efforts.

Perhaps a word of explanation regarding the evolution of the title “Old Jack’s World”. The initial title was “Jack’s Old World” which had a sort of looking backwards ring to it. Theresa, my wife and co-author (or would it be more appropriate to say co-author and wife, I’ll leave that up to her for now) got to playing with the title and suggested we use “Old Jack’s World” and immediately broke into hilarious laughter. I didn’t see what was so damn funny about that, especially since I will be only 79 in November, and said so. “Besides, it is not kind to make fun of older people.”

“But Jack, you are old, for goodness sake! Make that work for you!”, she suggested.

I managed a weak Ha, Ha, Ha and was prepared to move on. But  the more we played with the idea we decided that “Old Jack ‘s World” had more potential for generating humor and attracting readers than “Jack’s Old World”, so the switch was made. After all, wisdom is supposed to accompany old age, and here was an opportunity to demonstrate my maturity.


Cars have been a part of Old Jack’s World dating back to his grade school years. Fun then was sitting behind the wheel of dad’s ’39 Chev parked in our garage over on Jefferson Street.