ripley roots


This is the world we experienced in the 1930’s and beyond when growing up in in downstate rural Illinois. On this website we hope to share the views of four generations who grew up on farms not far from the Ocoya Elevator which is pictured directly above. The farm pictured in the upper right corner of the aerial picture was the home of Raymond and Blanche Ripley and their children. Between the grain elevator and the Ripley farm are two lanes of highway, which is the mighty Route 66.

The Ripley house and two farm buildings are shown at the extreme upper right. Blanche and Raymond Ripley are shown in the single pictures. We’re sure if you look closely at the aerial picture, you will see the sign, handmade by Blanche, to sell her egg produce. The sign with a huge rooster on it was placed at the entrance to the farm on Rt. 66. The sign said, Ripley’s Eggs, Believe it or Not. It brought customers in off the road and nary an egg had to be taken into town to be sold.

Our lives were pretty self-sufficient and also happy.

We look forward to reliving memories and sharing them with others.


Welcome to our World on Route 66 in yesteryear

If you ever plan to motor West, travel my way, take the highway that is best. Get your kicks on Route 66.

It winds from Chicago to L.A., more than 2000 miles all the way.

Get your kicks on Route 66.