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Loughary Stories...

The stories in this section are set from the mid 19th century through the present. The title notes suggest what readers might discover in each story.

On the Oregon Trail:
The following two stories provide a little ancient and modern history glimpses of the Oregon Territory.

You Say Oregon, We say Oregun

Second Coming; The Great Depression in the Oregon Territory

Separate Place:
The Columbia River Gorge and Basin, one of the awesome journeys in the West.

Young Idependence:
Red Loughary vs Stanfield when he finds himself nearly on his own at age 10.

Hattie Loughary's Diary...the story behind its discovery: Danville, Des Moines Country, Iowa to Dallas, Polk County, Oregon, via Wagon Train over the Oregon Trail.

Oregon Trail Diary:
a day at a time, Hattie Loughary ends each day on the Oregon Trail with notes and observations.

Growing Up on Jefferson Street:
Brother and sister exchange 24 letters about their experiences in Eugene during the 1930s to the mid 1950s.


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