ThinkPint Stories

ThinkPint Stories… Some true, some not entirely.

Email Humor: Bits and pieces selected from email.

Time On My Hand: After 19 truty years of service, an old hand was retired and a search for a new one began.

The Gate Keeper: Keeping the gate in a gated community is fundamentally boring. In this story, a keeper’s night job provided job satisfaction for a time.

Awareness and Purpose: Personal optimism in a going-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket-world.

Welcome Back: A brief history of university administration.

Analyzing Constraints: a procedure for sorting fact from sloppy thinking in situations when we conclude that external forces prohibit us from pursuing our desires.

Following the Kids: Relocating close to family may have its downside.

Traveling Alone: Tips for enhancing pleasure from a solo trip.

The Retiring Retiree: A private journey into retirement has appeal and intrigue.

Senior Senior: Calling it as you see it is important.

Selecting Leisure: Beginning by clarifying your desired personal payoffs before initiating activities may have real payoffs.