Traveling with Jack and Theresa

Traveling Satisfaction varies among travelers. For us, Traveling has three dimensions: Anticipating, Doing and Recalling. (You could add Forgetting, but that is another matter.) We discovered that our traveling satisfaction is enhanced by putting memories to cyber space or paper.

Probing America: High Tech on Back Roads chronicles our first trip in 1992 with our lap top computer, Meg. Part of the challenge was convincing several friends to “go email”. Once started, you couldn’t stop them.

Fat Rascals at Bettys is based primarily on our trip to Harrogate in 1995. We rented a small house and bounced up and down over the small towns, abbey ruins and isolated country pubs and have been going back ever since.

Chinese Tour Psychology describes aspects of a one week June 1983 adventure on a tour of Hong Kong, Canton and Guilin in southern China. The story was written that summer. Circumstances, small and large, changed considerably by October 2005 when we edited and posted the story.

Europe Summer 1986: In the summer of 1986, we took a pleasure trip to Europe. No lectures, no people to visit, just enjoy continental Europe and England. The trip started on August 1 and ended on August 30. We traveled to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and England.

Out of Africa: In the summer of 1982 while Apartheid was still in place we had the opportunity to spend 4 weeks in South Africa presenting Career Development Workshops at several venues with a variety of racial groups. The tour remains our most unique travel adventure.