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Theresa and I had been more less yearning to travel to the Orient, or Asia as the political correct name has evolved. As neither one of us seemed to be much in demand as consultants in that part of the world it was becoming clear that if we were to achieve our Asian travel goal, we would need to “up front” the cost, as my daughter said when she asks for funds, as in “Can you up front me to a couple new front tires?” The opportunity seemed to have arrived near the winter of 1982. I had several consulting jobs that allowed for putting some cash aside, had applied for a sabbatical leave which had been approved and Theresa was able to rearrange her commitments so that she had time free for the coming summer. My sabbatical plan called for an around the world trip on Pan American Airways which would drop me into Hong Kong in June, 1983, and Theresa worked out a plan that dropped her there on the same day. Amazing. And that more or less is how we committed ourselves to explore Asia, well at least Hong Kong, China and Japan. We had the adventure, made notes, took photographs and soon after returning wrote a short account of our journey. We viewed the slides once, read the manuscript and put the project in a file cabinet.

China Clipper Stews

Then in October, 2005, approximately 22 years, a marriage, and 15 computers later we retrieved the China material and began working it into a story for the “Traveling with Jack and Theresa” section of This is the expanded original story with selected pictures and several reflective comments.

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