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Fat Rascals at Bettys


Fat Rascals and Other Survival Techniques in the Yorkshire Dales as recorded in the extensive travel journals of Jack Loughary and Theresa Ripley is the basis of this piece. As a following story by the same name explains, Fat Rascal is the name of a food, specifically a pastry that has become famous in the Yorkshire Country Side. World wide, eating is the primary Survival Technique no matter what the poets try to tell you. In the beginning, Fat Rascals were baked at Betteys: Confectioners and Caterers in Harrogate. The bakery expanded to include a wonderful bistro style cafe. For years Bettys was the only place to purchase your sweets and bread products and to have a pleasant delicious lunch and dinner (with or without your Sweet). And for years there simply was no place like Bettys.

But now there are several; that is to say, Bettys expanded and opened shop in other Yorkshire towns. So whether you are in Harrogate, York, Northallerton or Ilkley you are not far from a Bettys. Bettys' sister company Taylors of Harroagate supplies the drinks. You may have seen Taylor products, especially teas, in US stores.

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